About Us

Bubbala’s, a classic Jewish-inspired deli, located in San Rafael, CA. It’s a culinary endeavor that joins father-and-daughter chef duo Greg Bernson and Janelle Loiselle who are sharing the classic comfort foods of their heritage and a few new takes with a California spin.

We offer the best foods we know how to make to nourish our customers. We bring the comfort of the old world into your home to give you the chance to feel taken care of. And our food isn’t just comforting, it’s darn good. You won’t be able to find this unless you make it, but we’ve made it for you.” 

While people may be familiar with the traditional Jewish deli food, we wanted to expand on this — giving people the best of what they know with a little something extra they have never tasted before,”

Head chef Greg Bernson, a San Rafael resident behind several successful cafes and catering companies in Connecticut and the Bay Area, considers himself a lifelong culinary student. He grew up on the East Coast, and after arriving in the Bay Area a decade ago, found Marin lacking in the Jewish foods he grew up eating. He got to work perfecting a few childhood favorites while incorporating techniques and influences he discovered in California.

Janelle Loiselle resides with her husband and two young boys in Fairfax and has also followed a gastronomic path, working in professional kitchens in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco after graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York. She sells her pastries to cafes and at private events, incorporating distinctive flavor combinations and techniques in her breads, pastries and cookies.